Where a member of staff has a pre-existing relationship, or develops a relationship with a student during the course of study, such that there is a potential conflict of interest, especially with regard to the student’s assessment (which includes supervision), the member of staff and student must declare this in confidence to the Head of Department at the start of the course of study or at the point at which the relationship has started if this is during the course. The Head of Department will treat all such matters in confidence, and any staff member is welcome to seek advice, on an informal basis, from a senior member of the Human Resources Division before discussing their situation with their Head of Department.

All members of the College with any staff management responsibilities are expected to ensure that relationships within their team and students remain professional at all times.

Staff should be aware that a breach of this policy could lead to disciplinary action.

College guidance on its code regarding personal relationships within College may be amended at any time in the light of experience.