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AB - By designing and leveraging an explicit molecular realisation of a measurement-and-feedback-powered Szilard engine, we investigate the extraction of work from complex environments by minimalmachines with finite capacity for memory and decision-making. Living systems perform inferenceto exploit complex structure, or correlations, in their environment, but the physical limits andunderlying cost/benefit trade-offs involved in doing so remain unclear. To probe these questions,we consider a minimal model for a structured environment—a correlated sequence of molecules—and explore mechanisms based on extended Szilard engines for extracting the work stored in thesenon-equilibrium correlations. We consider systems limited to a single bit of memory making binary‘choices’ at each step. We demonstrate that increasingly complex environments allow increasinglysophisticated inference strategies to extract more free energy than simpler alternatives, and arguethat optimal design of such machines should also consider the free energy reserves required to ensurerobustness against fluctuations due to mistakes.
AU - Brittain,R
AU - Jones,N
AU - Ouldridge,T
SN - 1367-2630
TI - Biochemical Szilard engines for memory-limited inference
T2 - New Journal of Physics
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