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AB - In plants, shoot and root regeneration can be induced in the distinctive conditions oftissue culture (in vitro), but is also observed in intact individuals (in planta) recoveringfrom tissue damage. Roots, for example, can regenerate their fully excised meristems inplanta, even in mutants with impaired apical stem cell niches. Unfortunately, to date acomprehensive understanding of regeneration in plants is still missing.Here, we provide evidence that an imposed electric field can perturb apical rootregeneration in Arabidopsis. Crucially, we explored both spatial and temporalcompetences of the stump to respond to electrical stimulation, respectively by varyingthe position of the cut and the time interval between excision and stimulation.Our data indicate that a brief pulse of an electric field parallel to the root is sufficient toincrease by up to two-fold the probability of its regeneration, and to perturb the localdistribution of the hormone auxin, as well as cell division regulation. Remarkably, theorientation of the root towards the anode or the cathode is shown to play a role.
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TI - Externally imposed electric field enhances plant root tip regeneration
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