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AB - When starved, the Gram-positive bacterium Bacillus subtilis forms durable spores forsurvival. Sporulation initiates with an asymmetric cell division, creating a large mother cell and asmall forespore. Subsequently, the mother cell membrane engulfs the forespore in a phagocytosislikeprocess. However, the force generation mechanism for forward membrane movement remainsunknown. Here, we show that membrane migration is driven by cell wall remodeling at the leadingedge of the engulfing membrane, with peptidoglycan synthesis and degradation mediated bypenicillin binding proteins in the forespore and a cell wall degradation protein complex in themother cell. We propose a simple model for engulfment in which the junction between the septumand the lateral cell wall moves around the forespore by a mechanism resembling the ‘templatemodel’. Hence, we establish a biophysical mechanism for the creation of a force for engulfmentbased on the coordination between cell wall synthesis and degradation.
AU - Ojkic,N
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