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Health and Safety

For Departmental health and safety information, please visit the Physics Health and Safety site on SharePoint or the current Faculty Health and Safety Team contact page.

Human Resources

HR queries should be directed to the HR Staff Hub.  Further details can be found here.


Faculty IT Support Team aims to provide Faculty-wide IT Support that is relevant for you and for the College in meeting the targets and aspirations of all who work or study in the College.

How do I get Support?

  1. Call the Service Desk on ext. 49000
  2. E-mail:
  3. Find your answer or log a request online

What will the Faculty ICT staff be doing?

Staff will be recording and resolving all IT support requests in the ICT Service Desk software to allow accurate prioritisation of work, information updates for you, and a history of work carried out. This history can be used to help define where users have poorly performing systems such that appropriate steps can be taken to resolve the situation. In addition it will enable ICT to monitor the workload and assign support engineers to the areas where there is greatest demand.

What do the Team Support?

The Team will provide support for staff using a workstation (running a Microsoft, Linux, or Mac Operating System) provided on their desk for College work. Other Operating Systems (such as Solaris or Unix variants) may be supported by other ICT resources on a “reasonable endeavours” basis. The support provided is for both administration and research machines and covers all standard software, installation and networking issues. For non-standard or research specific software support is provided on a “reasonable endeavours” basis. The team cannot get involved in writing Access databases or similar requests.

Facilities Management

A full list of Facilities contacts can be found on the Physics Facilities page.


Thupten and Karolina look after all the groups in Physics. They process transactions and deal with queries relating to purchases, expense claims, journal approval, bursary form approval, accounts and balance enquiries. They administer recharges of Postgraduate tuition fees, telephone charges, research training support grants and other recharges as required. They are also responsible for setting up and closing departmental accounts and authorising access to the Purchasing system.

In general, they provide support and ad-hoc financial guidance in line with College, Faculty and Departmental policies and procedures.

Senior Finance Officer

Thupten Dompo
1110, 11th Floor, Blackett
Tel: 020 7594 7555

Finance Administrator

Karolina Duda
1110, 11th Floor, Blackett
Tel: 020 7594 7717

Mechanical Instrumentation Workshop

A full list of contacts can be found on the Mechanical Instrumentation Workshop page.

Undergraduate Administration and Labs

Teaching Office

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Prof Carl Paterson

Senior Tutor
Dr Ingo Mueller-Wodarg

Undergraduate Administration
Amy Cripps-Mahajan
Kayleigh Murphy

Undergraduate Education Manager
Derryck Stewart

Admissions Office

In the first instance, please send any admissions queries to our team mailbox:

Admissions Tutor
Dr Juliet Pickering

Admissions and Disabilities Officer
Mery Fajardo

Examinations Office

Examinations Coordinator
Prof David Colling

Examinations and Information Officer
Victor Urubusi

Teaching Labs

First Year Laboratory

Head of Laboratory, Dr Yoshi Uchida
Deputy Head of Laboratory, Dr Stuart Mangles
Technicians, Harish DawdaRob Whisker

Second Year Laboratory

Head of Laboratory, Dr Julia Sedgbeer
Deputy Head of Laboratory, Prof David Colling
Technicians, Lee ParkerGraham Axtell, Ivan Hermida Estornell

Third Year Laboratory

Head of Laboratory,  Prof Jing Zhang
Deputy Head of Laboratory, Dr Mark Richards
Head of Third Year Projects and Essay Projects, Dr Mark Richards
Technicians, Lee ParkerGraham Axtell, Ivan Hermida Estornell

Computing Suite

Head of Year 1 Computing, Dr Brian Appelbe
Head of Year 2 Computing, Dr Robert Kingham

For more information about Undergraduate Administration and Labs contacts, please visit the Undergraduate Office pages

Postgraduate Administration

Director of Postgraduate Studies, Dr Ben Sauer

Postgraduate Secretary, Loli Sanchez

Postgraduate Development Officer, Dr Andrew Williamson

The DPS oversees the Postgraduate recruitment process at both PhD and MSc level, and monitors progression and completion. The PG Secretary co-ordinates applications, studentships, transfers from MPhil to PhD, progressing and completion procedures. She also organises payment of PG demonstrators and tutors.

Physics Outreach Team

Head of Outreach, Dr Mark Richards

Outreach Liaison Coordinator, Vinita Hassard


Student Representatives - Undergraduates

For Undergraduate student representatives, please visit the Undergraduate Office pages.

Student Representatives - Postgraduates

Physics PG Student Committee

The key roles of the Committee are:

  1. To act on the Physics PG Committee and report forward any issues there
  2. To act on any Committee which needs representation from the Postgraduate body
  3. To organise social events


Departmental PG Representatives


Each group also has its own student representative. They are as follows:


Condensed Matter Theory

Experimental Solid State

High Energy Physics


Plasma Physics

Quantum Optics and Laser Science

Space and Atmospheric Physics

Theoretical Physics