• Prof Fay Dowker

    Personal details

    Prof Fay Dowker Professor of Theoretical Physics

    Public Lectures:

    "A meditation on General Relativity" -   Watch Video

    "Past, Present and Future: The Science of Time" -   Watch Video

    "Spacetime and the quantum: united by history"  Watch Video


  • Professor Jerome Gauntlett

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    Professor Jerome Gauntlett Chair in Theoretical Physics

    Public Lectures:

    "Black Holes and the Fundamental Laws of Physics" -   Watch Video

    "Black holes, entropy and strings" -   Watch Video

    "Branes Wrapped on Spindles" -   Watch Video

    "What Happens Inside A Black Hole? " -  Watch Video

  • Prof Joao Magueijo

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    Prof Joao Magueijo Professor of Physics

    Public Lectures:

    "Varying constants for philosophers...and not only" Watch Video

  • Prof. Andrew J. Tolley

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    Prof. Andrew J. Tolley Professor of Theoretical Physics

    Public Lectures:

    "Black Holes and Holographic World" -   Watch Video

    "Challenging Gravity" Watch Video

    "From Newtonian Gravity to Eistain's Theory of General Relativity" Watch Video

  • Professor Toby Wiseman

    Personal details

    Professor Toby Wiseman Professor of Theoretical Physics

    TV News Programme & Public Lectures:

    BBC newsnight with Jeremy Paxman to discuss a new proposal that black holes do not exist Watch Video

    "Space and time: a modern perspective" Watch Video