The Insights Work Experience programme is designed to provide current year 12 students with a true understanding of the Physics Department, how it functions, and what it would be like to study physics at Imperial College London.

"The Insights Work Experience Programme has been an incredible opportunity to study at a world class university for a week-it has exceeded my expectations. The staffs were not too formal and so made everybody more relaxed and we enjoyed the week more"

It promises to be exciting and action packed, with successful applicants joining us here for one week in July 2018. Each day will begin promptly at 10 am and end at 4:30 pm.

A key aspect of your week here will involve meeting with a variety of academic staff members from one of ten research groups in the department. Using the information that you have gleaned from them (about what they and their group are working on), you will design a conference-style poster that displays their work.  You will also attend lectures and seminars, as well as conduct some experimental work in one of our teaching laboratories. Additionally, you will have the chance to meet members of our admissions team plus current undergraduate students. Finally, you will prepare a talk that summarises your week for presentation to your peers, external guests and staff members at a showcase event.

The Insights work experience programme is aimed at Year 12 students, so primary consideration will be given to students in this year group. Students applying for this programme must have Physics and Maths GCSEs and at least a grade B in English GCSE. You must also currently be doing Maths and Physics A-Levels.


6-10th of July

Application deadline is the 4th of March by 23.59 pm

There are now six other departments within Imperial College who are participating in the Insights Work Experience scheme, including Physics, Electrical and Electronic Engineering,  Materials Science and Engineering,  National Heart and Lung Institute, and Life Science.  To see a past example of this scheme please follow the instructions on the link below

Year 12 Work Experience Programme