Professor Michele Dougherty Head of Department
Dr Kenny Weir Associate Head of Department
Professor Andrew Jaffe Head of Group - Astrophysics
Professor Kim Christensen Head of Group - Condensed Matter Theory
Professor Lesley Cohen Head of Group - Experimental Solid State Physics
Professor Gavin Davies Head of Group - High Energy Physics
Professor Mike Damzen Head of Group - Photonics 
Professor Sergey Lebedev  Head of Group - Plasma Physics
Professor John Tisch Head of Group - Quantum Optics and Laser Science
Professor Tim Horbury Head of Group - Space and Atmospheric Physics
Professor Dan Waldram Head of Group - Theoretical Physics
Professor Carl Paterson Director of Undergraduate Studies
Dr Ben Sauer Director of Postgraduate Studies
Professor Morgan Wascko Juno Committee Chair
Mr Luke White Operations Manager
Ms Louise Hayward Research Operations Manager
Professor Henrique Araujo  Co-Director for Research 
Professor Jerry Chittenden Co-Director fo Research
Updated: July 2020
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