Health and Safety Committee

Committee Members


  • Michele Dougherty (Chair)
  • Luke White, Department Operations Manager
  • Simon Bland, Academic Rep
  • Paul Brown, Mechanical Instrumental Workshop Rep
  • Stefan Hoyle, Faculty Safety Team
  • Olga Kuzmina, Faculty Safety Team
  • Carl Patterson, Director of Undergraduate Studies
  • Nathan Curry, Post Doc Rep
  • Brian Tam, PG Rep
  • Tom Hodson, PG Rep
  • Yuqing Wu, UG Rep
  • Jolene Burger, College Estates Operations Rep
  • Ivan Carromero Manzano, College Estates Operations Rep
  • Jonthan Ryan, College Fire Officer
  • Gwen Mott, College Safety Department Rep
  • Ross Manson, College Safety Department Rep
  • Gayle Baldwin (minutes)

Updated: March 2021

Find out about health and safety in the Faculty of Natural Sciences.


If you would like copies of the minutes of past meetings, please contact Stefan Hoyle or Gayle Baldwin.