Student input into teaching happens through a number of channels. On a formal basis, there are Staff Student Committee (SSC) meetings and Lecturer and Tutor evaluation questionnaires via Student On Line Evaluation (SOLE).

Meetings of the Staff Student Committee are held once or twice every term. In these meetings, two student representatives from each academic year make the opinions of the students and issues that have arisen known to the rest of the SSC in an informal and non-confrontational environment.  The SSC works together to find solutions to problems and highlight good practice.  Any actions arising from these meetings are implemented by the Senior Tutor, Director of UG Studies, and the Student Liaison Officer.  When introducing new elements to the course internal reviews are conducted student feedback is requested as part of this process. The SSC is co-chaired by the Academic Student Representative, the Wellbeing Student Representative, and the Physics Student Liaison Officer.

Good practice guidelines for Staff Student Committees are also available for more information on how the committee should be run.

Staff Student Committee

SSC Committee Members

Members of the Committee

Yasmin Andrew (Co-Chair)
Student Liason Officer

Stefano Fiocca (Co-Chair)
Physics Department Academic Student Representative

Prof Carl Paterson
Director of Undergraduate Studies

Anthea MacIntosh-LaRocque (Co-Chair)
Physics Department Wellbeing Student Representative

Prof Michele Dougherty
Head of Department

Year 1 Student Representatives
Academic: Anne Bai, Xun Yu
Wellbeing: Laura Hollister

Dr Ingo Mueller-Wodarg
Senior Tutor

Year 2 Student Representatives
Academic: Tess Goudswaard
Wellbeing: Trinity Stenhouse

Prof Stuart Mangles
Head of Year 1 and Head of Year 1 Lab

Year 3 Student Representatives
Academic: Shi Wei Yuan
Wellbeing: (position vacant)

Dr Yvonne Unruh 

Head of year 2 

Year Abroad Representative
(position vacant)

Prof Jing Zhang
Head of Years 3 & 4

Jacob Edginton / Miko Oberhauser
PhySoc President / Vice-President

Derryck Stewart
Undergraduate Education Manager

Jing Wu
LGBT+ Co-Chair

Amy Cripps-Mahajan
Undergraduate Teaching Administrator

Daniel Lo
ICU Deputy President Education

Mery Fajardo
Undergraduate Admissions & Disabilities Administrator

Nathalie Podder
ICU Deputy President Welfare

  Nicolas Barykin Pankevich
RSCU Vice-President Education
  Tianyu Wen
RSCU Vice-President Welfare
Updated: September 2021

Minutes and Papers

Minutes for previous years are available by contacting Derryck Stewart.

Student Staff Committee Minutes - Departmental Meetings [All Year Groups]
Academic Year
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11 November 2021  November 2020  November 2019  October 2018  October 2017  November 2016
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Updated: November 2021
Student Staff Committee Minutes - Departmental Meetings [All Year Groups]