Facilities contacts

Vivienne Frater

Departmental Facilities Manager

Tel: 0207 594 7888

Vivienne Frater provides managerial and service support for facilities matters in the Department. She has overall responsibility for the Physics Blackett Level 8 Common Room. She is the Department Telecoms Representative for desktop and mobile devices and all issues concerning telecommunications. She is responsible for general room bookings. She is responsible for security liaison with the College Security Office regarding buildings access and arranging issue of all keys; temporary visitor temporary ID access cards and visitor Car park bookings. She manages the equipment and electrical test asset registers and delivery note files.  She compiles the Annual Space audit and is Data Protection and Freedom of Information contact for Physics.

Simon Graham

Goods in and Maintenance Assistant

Tel: 0207 594 7870


Simon Graham takes delivery of and records incoming goods. He assigns bar codes for asset and electrical testing registration and informs recipients of goods awaiting collection from the goods in office and loading bay. He assists Malcolm Hudson with day-to-day building management operations. He is Department Manual Handling advisor; Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessor; Fire Co-ordinator and Physics Admin Safety Co-ordinator.

Henry, Delavine

 Counter Service/Common Room Supervisor

Delavine Henry is responsible for the day to day provision and supervision of the Common Room and kitchen counter service.  The counter service for staff and their visitors provides, during the normal working day, a wide range of freshly prepared baguettes and sandwiches, snacks and beverages. A collect ordering service is also provided for bespoke baguettes and sandwiches.

Physics facilities information

Assets and Asset Disposals

The Department maintains an asset register of goods valued in excess of £1,000. Incoming goods with a value over this amount are bar-coded by Goods In staff and details entered on the asset register. In addition, all electrical items, irrespective of value, are bar-coded to ensure they are regularly tested for electrical safety.

Disposal forms must be completed for all bar coded assets and electrical equipment and sent to room 216 Blackett.

Asset and Electrical Equipment Deletion Form

Disclaimer for disposing of College property

An additional form must be completed for assets initially valued at over £50k. 

Disposal of fixed assets over 50K


  • Permission must be sought to hold the barbecue.
  • Barbecues must be positioned in a safe area such that the smoke, fumes and embers cannot affect buildings.
  • Extinguishers must be provided for the duration of the barbecue.
  • A competent person will be required to be responsible for the barbecue.
  • Make sure the barbecue is on level ground where it will not tip over.
  • Don't put the barbecue where people need to squeeze past it.
  • Gas powered barbecues only to be used.  Gas pipe lines should be checked before use. The user must ensure that the gas cylinder is connected correctly.
  • Never leave the barbecue unattended.
  • Take care when cooking fatty foods. Fat spilling onto the coals may make them flare up.
  • When cooking is finished, make sure the barbecue is cool before attempting to move it.
  • If there is a wind blowing, make sure that the wind is blowing away from you when you light the barbecue (just in case it flares up).

Buildings Maintenance

Estates have Building Managers, who are responsible for the management of all buildings, refurbishment, etc. on behalf of the Estates Division. Jolene Burger is the Building Manager for the Blackett Laboratory and the Huxley Building.

All building defects (faulty services, damage to the fabric of the building etc.) need to be reported to the Estates Operations Helpdesk in the first instance. – eo.csc@imperial.ac.uk . If the matter is not resolved satisfactorily, please escalate to Jolene Burger.

If the matter requires urgent attention or is an emergency, please call the Service Desk - Internal: 48000; External: 020 7594 8000

Chilled Water Infrastructure

The Department has a chilled water system for

  • The air conditioning in specified laboratories;
  • Process cooling for identified items of scientific equipment.

To arrange alterations, maintenance or additions to the chilled water system contact Malcolm Hudson

Common Room Level 8 Blackett

The Common Room is open to all Staff, Postgraduate Students, and Fourth Year Undergraduates. The counter service operates from 09.00 to 16.30, Mondays-Fridays, with a full range of sandwiches, baguettes, tea, coffee, soft drinks, cakes, biscuits, and fruit.

Part of the Common Room may be used during the day for occasional Group or departmental events provided that this does not impact on the counter service. Bookings should be arranged through Vivienne Frater

The Common Room may be booked for evening events Monday to Thursday through Vivienne Frater

Computer Renewals

The College has a purchasing agreement with Hewlett Packard for the supply of PCs, laptops etc. There is a programme for replacing staff and teaching computers. As Department point of contact, with the ICT support team, Harry Vine manages the staff computer replacement scheme and computer and printer replacements in teaching areas.  Desktop renewal programme, staff must be at least 20% HEFCE funded to be eligible for computer replacement.

Contact Harry Vine.

Departmental Van

A departmental van is available. It can, for insurance reasons, only to be used for departmental (not personal) business, and only College employees with a clean driving licence are allowed to drive it. Van use is charged at the rate of 65p per mile to College Account Numbers. The user is responsible for any fines arising from illegal parking etc.

Gas Supplies

College has an exclusive contract with BOC for the supply of all gases, liquid nitrogen, dry ice, etc. College will no longer permit purchases of these products from other suppliers (e.g. Air Products), without good reason. The BOC contract includes the statutory testing of the gas regulators and cylinders.

Vivienne Frater is the general contact for Physics for the purchase of gas products. All gas products are purchased directly by the individual research groups.

Goods in

Goods In is open from 09.00 to 13.00 and from 14.00 to 17.00 Monday - Friday. Please note that during the last hour 16.00 to 17.00, Goods In is not physically manned, but there is a list of telephone numbers on the Goods In office door that can be contacted for assistance during this period.

All incoming goods must come via the Goods In. The Goods In staff will record their receipt and, when appropriate, ensure that goods are entered onto the asset and electrical registers (see Assets). They will then let you know by phone or e-mail that the goods have arrived and are ready for collection.

Heavy Goods – Delivery of heavy goods / large pieces of equipment must notified prior to delivery by entering on the ‘Heavy and Mechanical lifting – Loading Operations Calendar’ at least 24 hours prior to the arrival.

The Physics loading bay is a working area serving Gas and other deliveries and therefore MUST be kept clear. No storage of goods other than by prior arrangement with Simon Graham.

Hazardous and Toxic Waste

Malcolm Hudson manages toxic and hazardous waste disposal; Imperial waste form



Please note: the College’s insurance policy does not cover personal items: owners are responsible for ensuring that their property (including items such as personally owned laptops) is adequately insured.

There is a £500 excess on the Department internal insurance arrangement.

All potential claims must be notified promptly to Harry Vine


The Department operates a security cascade key system with separate cascades for each research Group, access level being related to access needs and key holder seniority. Keys are only issued by Vivienne Frater  on the recommendation of the line manager or group administrator against a refundable £10 deposit and proof of ID (College swipe card). Key deposits are returned via an Expenses claim form. The key/s is/are to be returned to Vivienne Frater  who will provide the form for immediate completion. Please note after form completion it can take approximately two weeks for the deposit to be refunded to a bank account.



Internal and incoming mail is handled by the Blackett Lodge. Outgoing mail should be delivered to the Lodge on Level 2 by 15.45. External mail must show the Group/division post charge code and mail class and goes by Royal Mail.

Find out more about College postal services.


The co-ordination of all refurbishments, ranging from putting up bookshelves to the total upgrade of a laboratory must be handled through the Department Operations Manager by contacting Luke White.  Arrangements need to be agreed before start of work. The Department must obtain the agreement of the Estates Facilities Management when the proposed works are expected to cost over £5,000. Estates Facilities will appoint a Project Manager, and when appropriate a Design Team, and will require that the refurbishments are completed to the College’s minimum standards. Contractors must not be engaged without College approval.

Room Bookings

The Department has three Lecture theatres and a number of seminar and tutorial rooms. These are for the dedicated use by the Department from 09.00-18.00, Monday to Friday during term time but are otherwise under the control of the Conference Office. An agreement between the Department and the Conference Office ensures that approval is obtained from the Department before the Conference Office books any of the seminar rooms.

Members of the Department are encouraged to check which rooms are available prior to making a booking through Vivienne Frater 

College has adopted a strict policy that rooms cannot be booked for events involving people from outside the College (e.g. conferences), except through the Conference Office. Organisers will be charged for all such bookings and for the audio-visual equipment at the full commercial rates.


All lapses of security must be reported immediately to Malcolm Hudson/Security - 4444 for emergency assistance.

Estates Facilities Customer Services Centre.

  • Please ensure that you do not allow people to ‘tailgate’ when you enter a building or area using your swipe card.
  • Make sure handbags, laptops, or other valuables are safely out of sight or locked away if left unattended. In relation to laptops please consider purchasing a security cable to prevent the computers theft. They are widely available at a cost of £15 - £20.

Please note: the College’s insurance policy does not cover personal items: owners are responsible for ensuring that their property (including items such as personally owned laptops) is adequately insured.

All potential insurance claims must be notified promptly to Harry Vine

Security Cards

Swipe cards are used to control access to all College buildings, and certain individual areas. Access is specified according to both people and times (with many areas being open access between 08.00 and 17.30). Staff / visitor cards are organised through Vivienne Frater, against a refundable deposit of £20, and will normally be programmed to expire on the contract termination date. Cards for UG and PG students are organised by Security.

Please note that for visitor cards issued for periods longer than 4 days a Day One Safety induction must be completed.


ICT Telecoms manage the telephone and College mobile phone services. Move and changes and Staff mobile phones should be organised through the Department Telecoms Rep (Vivienne Frater) rather than directly with ICT.  All changes are charged at commercial rates, with the charge depending on the amount of notice given. See below link for further information Telecoms information.

Find out how to place a telecoms order.