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Funding Opportunities

There are Departmental processes for applying for fellowships and internal deadlines for nominations to be considered for selection and final submissions.  Nominations have to be supported by an academic and your Head of Group.  Details will be sent to the RA mailing list.

Career Development

The College is committed to implementing the Roberts Report Reccommendations. In line with this, all research staff should have access to a minimum of 10 days staff development per year.

Reviews and Promotions

PRDPs - The department carries out appraisals (PRDPs) for all staff annually.  This is a good opportunity to discuss future career progression with your line manager.  Reviews & Performance Pay - The Department carries out a performance pay and promotion review for all staff annually.  Note that promotion from Research Assistant (Level A) to Research Associate (Level B) occours once you have been awarded your PhD and is not part of this review process.