Teaching On these pages you will find teaching information for academic staff.  New staff can find further help and advice on the staff induction pages. Information for students, including timetables, course lists and options, can be found on the Undergraduate students pages, or in the Undergraduate Handbook

Staff can find useful resources on this dedicated webpage about online teaching.

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UG Office Support

Kayleigh and Amy in the UG Office are available to assist staff with a variety of tasks. They can be contacted at the UG Office email account.

From October 2020, the UG Office (room 317 Blackett) will be open with one of Kayleigh or Amy present on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Please email them to arrange an appointment, if possible.

As we have moved to remote teaching, they can help you with the module administration for Blackboard, Panopto and MS Teams. They can also update teaching sections of the website. For more technical matters, contacting ICT might be more appropriate.

They both have access to CelCat, the College's timetabling software, and can book new events and to amend already existing events.

The UG Office will not be photocopying course materials or arranging hard copies to be printed at Service Point.


UROP is a university research opportunities programme available to students at Imperial College London. It provides students with the chance to participate in physics research within the Department. 
UROP can enhance students' appreciation of research environments and can be valuable for those contemplating postgraduate study.  Equally, summer research projects enhance employability by developing existing skills, introducing new ones and allowing students to make the most of their enthusiasm for physics. 
UROP projects  occur mainly as a result of individual student and staff interaction (i.e. they are not usually advertised), so planning to approach an academic who's research area you are interested in is crucial. You can find general guidance on what UROPs are and how to manage your project, by clicking on the link: https://www.imperial.ac.uk/urop

Assessment of ECTS Credit for UROP Placements

Form B [docx] Application for the allocation of additional ECTS credits to an extracurricular UROP project

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Clear information for students regarding plagiarism is provided on the UG plagiarism page.

Information on College policies can be found here:


These documents are here to help staff with the undergraduate examinations process. 

Examiner's Meetings:

  • Internal Examiners Board (EPAB) - YEAR 3 & 4 - Friday, 1st July 2022
  • External Examiners Board (EPAB) – All Years - Friday, 15th July 2022