Induction Checklist Master students

Some things you should know  ……  if you don’t know, just ask ……..

A good starting point for information is your group secretary/administrator.


◊     Research Group secretary/Programme administrator

◊     Postgraduate Personal Tutor

◊     Local Safety Officer

◊     Departmental Dissability Officers

◊     Student Representatives

◊     Physics Postgraduate Secretary


◊     Location of toilets

◊     Location of local common rooms, local arrangements for tea and coffee etc.

◊     Details of local security measures, including provision of your security card

◊     Details of lockers available in the department

◊     Opening and closing hours of building and access

◊     Where/when smoking is allowed; the College’s policy

◊     How to dispose of or recycle items

Working environment

◊     Location and correct use of common telephones, photocopiers, etc.

◊     How to get a computer account and email address

◊     Correct postal address for mail to reach you in your course

◊     Local arrangements for picking up and sending internal and external post

◊     Local arrangement for provision of stationery and every-day consumables

Health and safety

◊     Location of emergency exits

◊     Details of the emergency procedures, evacuation routes and assembly points

◊     Location of the first-aid box and the identity of your local first-aiders

◊     Location and operation of the fire alarm system

◊     Location of fire extinguishers

◊     Procedures to be observed in case of a fire

◊     Details of any significant safety hazards or health risks in your working environment

◊     Disposal of waste

View the Faculty health and safety webpages.


◊     Location of and how to join the Library, Sport’s centre and Health Centre, if applicable

◊     Details of local events and cultural programmes, e.g. regular concerts, humanities programme etc.

◊     Location of Student’s Union

View the departmental facilities.


◊     Location of Student Hub (Student Finance, Higher Degrees, Examinations etc).

◊     Graduate School  (offering a varied range of courses)

◊     Student Support Zone – Covering housing, money, health and Wellbeing amongst others.