Plasma Physics

Christopher Gower and Simon Torn
In a project with Prof Dangor in the Plasma Physics group, Christopher Gower and Simon Torn, who were students on the MSci Physics degree programme, took data which was included in a paper published in 2002 in Applied Phys Letts entitled “Table-top neutron source for characterization and calibration of dark matter det

James Green and Michael Collett
In a project with Prof Dangor in the Plasma Physics group, James Green and Michael Collett, who were students on the MSci Physics degree programme, took data which was included in a paper published in 2006 in Applied Phys Letts entitled "Effect of wire number on x-pinch discharges". 

James Green went on to PhD studies in the Plasma group.

Abigail KennedyNathaniel Kajumba and James Meakins
Three MSci students (Abigail Kennedy, Nathaniel Kajumba and James Meakins) carried out their MSci final year project with the Plasma Physics group and were included as authors of a publication in Applied Physics Letters entitled "Table-top X-pinch for x-ray radiography"

Tim Robinson and Reuben Hill
Two MSci Students, Tim Robinson and Reuben Hill, worked with Prof Roland Smith and his research team in Plasma Physics to characterise the fluorescence "noise" from parametric amplifiers in the Cerberus high-energy laser system.  In these very high-gain amplifiers weak seed pulses from a 250fs laser oscillator extract energy from an energetic pump, but virtual photons from vacuum fluctuations can also be "pulled out of the vacuum" and amplified.  Tim and Reuben were able to observe and characterise this process, providing important information on the noise level and shot-to-shot statistics inherent in this process. Their work was recognised by an award for the bests MSci project that year and this part of their project was published in Optics Communications.  Both Tim and Reuben went on to take up PhD studentships with the Plasma group.

N.H. Stuart, D. Bigourd, R.W. Hill, T.S. Robinson, K. Mecseki, S. Patankar, G.H.C. New and  R.A. Smith. 
"Direct fluorescence characterisation of a picosecond seeded optical parametric amplifier".
Opt. Comm.  Vol. 336, PP 319-325  (2014).
DOI: 10.1016/j.optcom.2014.09.032.

Fabian Manke
During his final year of the MSci Physics degree programme, Fabian worked on a project with Prof. Chittenden in the Plasma Physics group. Fabian helped to develop a model for calculating the behaviour of neutron diagnostics in inertial confinement fusion experiments. The results from this model were published in a Physics of Plasmas article entitled, "Signatures of asymmetry in neutron spectra and images predicted by three-dimensional radiation hydrodynamics simulations of indirect drive implosions".

Louise Bowler and Joseph Britton
Louise Bowler and Joseph Britton completed their MSci project under the supervision of Prof Steven Rose. The project involved spectral line radiation transfer in different geometries. Their analytical work calculating various geometrical factors and their numerical calculations putting numbers to the effects significantly contributed to the following paper. Their work provided the graphs in figs 3 and 4.

F.P. Keenan, J.G.Doyle, M.S. Madjarska, S.J. Rose, L.A. Bowler, J. Britton, L. McCrink and M. Mathioudakis
“Intensity Enhancement of O vi Ultraviolet Emission Lines in Solar Spectra due to Opacity”.
The Astrophysical Journal Letters, 784:L39 (4pp), 2014 April 1

Nikita Chaturvedi

UROP student Nikita Chaturvedi helped Dr Simon Bland with the paper; “Generation of highly symmetric, cylindrically convergent shockwaves in water” which has been published in PHYSICS OF PLASMAS 24, 082702 (2017)

Nikita then went on form Physics to do an MSc in Aeronautics and is now about to start work for FirstLight Fusion.

Deep Lall, Nikita Chaturvedi and Andreas Georgakis

Deep Lall, Nikita Chaturvedi and Andreas Georgakis were all UROP students who helped refit and improve an X-pinch generator in plasma physics, then helped determine the source size and reliability in the paper: 'X-pinch X-ray emission on a portable low-current, fast rise-time generator', T. A. Shelkovenko, S. A. Pikuz, I. N. Tilikin, S. N. Bland, D. Lall, N. Chaturvedi, A. Georgakis

Published in Journal of Applied Physics (Vol.124, Issue 8, 2018)  It may be accessed via the link: