All Communicating Physics students are DBS checked prior to making any school visits. This will take place over the summer before the course starts. Students will then attend a training day where they will be briefed about Child Protection issues, classroom management and communication skills. The training day usually takes place on the first day of Term One. During the Autumn term, prior to the beginning of your teaching placement, Communicating Physics students will visit their school and meet their Host Teacher. Communicating Physics students will need to liaise with their Host Teacher to agree on their involvement in teaching and any work they will undertake whilst on the teaching placement. School visits will be organised between the student and Host Teacher to suit both of their timetables.

Assessment Information

The submission date for your Communicating Physics report and journal is Thursday, 01st May at 12:00 (noon). You will be required to submit your journal either in person or by e-mail. Students are requested to submit their reports in Microsoft Word or PDF format. The word count for this essay is 4,000 words (or the equivalent in figures). Please remember to include a word count in your work.

Specific information about the content of your report is discussed during the Communicating Physics tutorials. More information can be found on the Blackboard site.

Please remember that the report counts as 40% and your journal counts as 20% of your overall course grade for Communicating Physics and should be treated with the same accuracy and attention to detail as any other examined material.

As these are assessed pieces of work contributing to your overall course grade for Communicating Physics, please ensure you submit your work by the specified deadline. Note that in submitting your work, it is understood that the work is entirely your own and conforms to the College policy on plagiarism.

If you have any questions or queries about the above, please contact Rupes Bains

Submissions and Deadlines


Assessment for this course will comprise four parts:

  • A weekly journal of teaching activity (20%)
  • A 4,000 word end of course report detailing the special project (40%)
  • A 15-minute presentation on your experience in the classroom (25%).
  • A teacher evaluation (15%)

You will also need to spend a minimum of 24 hours in a school for your placement. 


First tutorial: 17 January 2024

Second tutorial: 6 March 2024


The Communicating Physics oral exam will take place on Wednesday 20 March 2024.