Physics LGBT+ Allies Network

Physics LGBT+ Allies Network

The Physics LGBT+ Allies Network has been in place since the start of the 2018-19 academic year. The Network is made up of a group of specifically trained members of the Department who can be approached and provide support for LGBT+ related issues.

Posters are displayed around the Department with photos of the Allies, they can also be identified by the ‘Ally’ stickers on their office door. A full list of Allies and their email addresses can be found below:

Yamsin Andrew
Dr Yasmin Andrew
Room 305a, Level 3, Blackett 


Michael Coppins
Dr Michael Coppins
Room 726, Level 7, Blackett 


Mery Fajardo
Ms Mery Fajardo
Room 306, Level 3, Blackett 


Imogen Gingell
Dr Imogen Gingell
Room 6M71, Huxley Building 


Lloyd James
Mr Lloyd James
Room 730, Level 7, Blackett 


Ingo Mueller-Wodarg
Dr Ingo Mueller-Wodarg
Room 308c, Level 3, Blackett 


Bill Proud
Dr Bill Proud
Room 727, Level 7, Blackett 


Susan Parker
Mrs Susan Parker
Room 003, Huxley Building 


Vijat Tymms
Dr Vijay Tymms
Room 312, Level 3, Blackett