The Physics Department awards about 30 prizes annually.  Few of these are sufficiently well-endowed to pay for more than a good party, but they do add sparkle to a CV, and three prizes have a value of £500 or more.  Most of these prizes go to the students who are in the top few places of each of the four years, others reward excellence in project work, and there are several prizes tied to specific lecture courses.

There are some prizes which may be awarded to members of the Department, but are not awarded by the Department.  The Maths Department offers a prize for outstanding performance in first and second year Maths courses, and The Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication for achievements in language and other Humanities courses.  The Physics Department also nominates candidates for the RCSA (Royal College of Science Association) prize, open to all students of the RCS - Maths, Chemistry, Life Sciences and Physics, and for Student Awards for Outstanding Achievement, which are open to the whole college.

You can view a list of available prizes, and find out about past winners, on our Prizes page.