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AB - Reduced-order particle-in-cell (PIC) scheme is a novel modeling approach that enables computationally efficient electrostatic kinetic simulations of plasma. In our previous publications, we demonstrated that a proof-of-concept implementation of this novel PIC scheme resolves the multi-dimensional plasma processes and their interactions in a Hall thruster in a manner close to traditional electrostatic PIC codes. In this work, we extend our efforts on this topic and present a mathematically mature formulation for the dimensionality reduction of Poisson's equation in the Vlasov-Poisson system, which enables the generalized reduced-order "quasi-multi-dimensional" PIC scheme. The applicability of the dimensionality-reduction approach to solve general 2D Poisson problems is numerically verified. Next, we present several reduced-order quasi-2D simulations of a well-defined axial-azimuthal simulation case from the literature using approximation orders of the 2D problem whose computational costs are 2-15 % of a full-2D simulation. It is shown that these reduced-order simulations allow us to recover the same characteristics, behaviors and effects reported in the literature regarding the azimuthal instabilities in Hall thrusters. Moreover, in terms of the time-averaged plasma properties, it was found that, when increasing the approximation order, the error associated with the quasi-2D simulations' predictions decreases from 15 to 4 % for the electric field and from 20 to 2 % for the ion number density. We have additionally discussed a series of sensitivity analysis results, including the influence of the initial number of macroparticles per cell on the predictions of the quasi-2D simulations. According to the detailed results and analyses presented, we conclude that the generalized reduced-order PIC scheme serves as a rigorous foundation for eventual cost-effective and comprehensive three-dimensional kinetic studies of the physics in Hall thrusters and similar electr
AU - Reza,M
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TI - Concept of the generalized reduced-order particle-in-cell scheme and verification in an axial-azimuthal Hall thruster configuration
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