Group of academic researchers at joint CPE-Nanjing Tech workshop on plastic electronics

A Memorandum of Understanding between the Centre for Plastic Electronics and the Synergetic Innovation Centre for Advanced Materials (SICAM) at Nanjing Technical University, to establish a joint research centre in plastic electronics, was signed in October 2014. During the visit, Provincial Vice-Governor Prof Weixing Cao discussed his ambitions for future economic development in Jiangsu Province with then CPE Director Prof Donal Bradley.  Prof Cao emphasized the importance of sustainable development that improves the quality of life for Jiangsu citizens and pledged his support for the collaboration between Imperial College London’s Centre for Plastic Electronics and Nanjing Tech’s SICAM centre. 

Prof Donal Bradley signing MoU between CPE and Nanjing TechA visit by several CPE staff and students to Nanjing followed the MoU. A total of 18 CPE academic staff and researchers made the week long-visit to Nanjing, which included presentations by academics from both institutions. Presentations from the CPE were given by Profs. M. Heeney, N. Stingelin, J. deMello and T. Anthopoulos, Drs M. McLachlan, J-S Kim, P. Barnes, J. Bannock, A. Perumal, Fei Dou and P. Stavrinou. The workshop focused on promoting academic exchange among researchers concerning topics such as high-performance organic semiconductor materials and devices, photonics, studies of high performance perovskite solar cells and functional two-dimensional nano-material applications. Collaborations were consolodated through further visits by CPE staff to the Institute of Advanced Materials at Nanjing.