The Researcher Development Committee (RDC) is convened to support and promote Imperial's commitment to creating a positive research culture that values researchers and supports their professional and personal development at all career stages and that ensures a healthy working environment.

Concordat specific responsibilities

With the College being a signatory to the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers, it is the responsibility of the Researcher Development Committee: 

  • To ensure that the College implements the Concordat Principles and fulfils its obligations under the key responsibilities for researchers, managers of researchers and institution.  
  • To oversee the completion of the Concordat actions as laid out in the Concordat Action Plan
  • To ensure that the action plan complements other key initiatives, such as Race Equality Charter and Athena SWAN.   
  • To monitor action progress termly, with a full report submitted annually to the Provost’s Board in addition to an updated action plan.  
  • To publish the action plan and subsequent annual progress report on an open website once they have been endorsed by the Provost’s Board.   

The full terms of reference for the RDC can be found here: RDC Terms of Reference.

RDC Membership

Committee Membership

Chair of the RDC: Professor Julie McCann

RDC Committee members:

Professor Erkko Autio;
Dr Véronique Azuara;
Harbhajan Brar;
Dr Nick Brooks;
Professor Stephen Curry
Professor Catrin Davies;
Dr Liz Elvidge
Dr Professor Paul French;
Dr Karen Hinxman;
Kani Kamara;
Laura Lane;
Susan Littleson;
Professor Clare Lloyd;
Dr Marisa Miraldo
Dr Maria Paraskevaidi;
Professor Mary Ryan;
Nichola Stallwood;
Ceire Wincott.