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Information and Booking

Tutor: Stewart Theobald - Independent Consultant
For: Postdocs and research fellows at Imperial, free of charge. Not available externally.
Please note: Absences and cancellations with less than 5 working days' notice will result in a £50 charge. 
Duration: Half-day

Tuesday 1 November, 13.00-17.00, in person

More information will become available closer to the day of the course.

Who should attend

This half-day course is designed for postdoctoral research staff for whom English is a second language and who wish to improve their speaking clarity and confidence. It will be a practical course looking at the voice issues of the individual, so numbers are limited to 10 per course. By the end of the course, participants will have a better understanding of standard English pronunciation and placement that will help them to improve their speaking clarity and teaching impact.

Key areas

  • Physiology - emphasising standard English placement
  • Forward resonance - to ensure a clear tone
  • Articulation - for clarity of speech
  • Phonetics - standard English phonetic sounds & symbols
  • Pronunciation practice - individual assessment & guidance
  • Stress, rhythm and inflexion - to deepen understanding of standard English

Visit Imperial’s Centre for Academic English for additional support with pronunciation, speaking and writing.

What have past participants found most useful?

  • The theory of pronunciation, how sounds are made (Postdoc, Life Sciences)
  • The trainer, he is really good! (Postdoc, Chemistry)
  • Learning about different vowels, stress and inflection in standard English