Information and Booking

Trainer: Irene Garcia Losquino - Independent Consultant
Cost: Internal no charge.
External not available
Duration: 1 day (09:30 - 16:30)


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What have past participants found most useful?

  • Enthusiastic trainer
  • I love the fact that it made us all more aware of all the relevant and useful skills that we have and can apply to the private sector
  • Skill finding section—I didn’t know I had that many skills!


Considering a change in career? Not sure how your skills can be translated into a role outside of academia?

This motivational workshop is designed to help postdocs plan career strategies that will allow them to take charge of their career. It will provide insight into how you can translate your existing skills to a non-academic position and identify any gaps in your skill set, which can help make a successful transition into a career in the private sector. If you are considering a career in the private sector but are unsure about how to proceed, then this workshop is for you!

Key areas

  • Exploring what your ideal position is and the realities of working in the private sector
  • Identifying the transferable skills you have and how the private sector can benefit from these skills
  • Learning how to access the desired job market, using your experience as evidence