The PFDC regularly collaborates with other institutions to provide researchers with opportunities to focus on their writing.

Alongside everything else that needs to fit in with our busy research lives, it can be hard to schedule devoted time in which to sit, think, and write. Our online retreats give you time, peace, and space to fend off procrastination and beat writer's block. Each session will provide a friendly and constructive environment in which to meet like-minded peers, discuss challenges and work in a focused way using the established Pomodoro technique (25 minutes writing followed by 5 minutes of break in four sets).  

The following are some tips to consider in advance of the retreat:

  • Bring a piece of work with you: It might be part of a chapter or article you are writing, or maybe a presentation, bit of data analysis, or feedback you need to work through. Any task that would benefit from focused work time and motivation from your peers is appropriate
  • Set your goal: What would success look like? Examples: write 400 words; proofread and edit draft of an article; create three figures; or even, stay focused for at least two Pomodoros. This will help you to begin with the end in mind and be more aware of how long tasks take.
  • Get ready: Participants find that if they are set up when the retreat gets started, it is easier to focus. Open any documents or applications you need, grab a notebook, shut off your phone and social media in advance
  • Get comfortable: Can you create your ideal writing environment? Check your chair and lighting, make a cup of tea or coffee and get comfy. There will be regular breaks, but comfort is important to your productivity.

To register your interest, please email