PFDC Reps Awards were introduced in 2015 to thank and recognise all the PFDC Postdoc Reps for their significant contribution through their role within their departments. Specifically for fostering a sense of community amongst Imperial early career researchers, acting as a link between the PFDC, early career researchers and their departments, and helping the PFDC keep abreast of the challenges facing early career researchers.

The awards are run annually with nominations being announced in May and the Award Dinner taking place in June each year.

A list of the previous Awardees of the PFDC Reps Awards can be found here.

A selection of photos from previous Award Dinners can be found on the PFDC Flickr page

Award Categories:

  • PFDC Individual Award – Winner: £500 towards a conference/workshop of their choice
  • PFDC Individual Award – Finalist: £50 gift voucher
  • PFDC Team Award: £250 voucher /contribution towards a team celebration/event of their choice

Award Criteria/Eligibility:

PFDC Individual Award

To qualify for the PFDC Individual Award of £500 a PFDC Rep must achieve the following over the academic year: 

  • Organise a departmental event that encourages skills development  
  • Organise an interdisciplinary event that encourages skills development/collaborations
  • Be a member of a departmental committee and/or have a yearly meeting with your Head of DepartmentAll members of staff are eligible to nominate a PFDC Rep. To do this, you have to complete the short online nomination form which includes an optional space for a short explanation as to why this Rep should win the award.  The finalists and winner will be decided by taking into account the number of nominations they receive, the comments made on the form and the evidence that they have carried out the above three points.

PFDC Team Award

To qualify for the PFDC Team Award of £250 the team must achieve the following over the academic year:

  • Make an outstanding contribution to postdoc/fellows life as a result of team work
  • Establish an engaged community within their department as a result of team work

Teams are invited to submit self-nominations for the PFDC Team Award.  In addition to addressing the criteria and including evidence of the impact of their activities, the nomination should also include a brief supporting statement from their departmental Postdoc Champion, seconded by the Head of Department.


2019 PFDC Team Award Winners - Materials

2019 PFDC Reps Individual Award Winner - Claudia Contini

2018 PFDC Individual Award Winner - Alex Brogan

2018 PFDC Team Award Winner - Maths

2017 PFDC Reps Individual Award Winner - Delphine Rolando

2017 PFDC Team Award Winner - Life Sciences

2016 PFDC Reps Individual Award Winner - Janice Kenney

2016 PFDC Team Award Winner - Hammersmith Campus

2015 PFDC Reps Individual Award Winner - Claire Morgan