The resources below focus on ways to connect your research to industry, consultancy, and the private sector in general. They are relevant for anyone who wants their research and skills to address challenges outside of academia - whether you chose to do so from within academia or outside of it is up to you.

Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

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Resources at Imperial

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  • CrowdSolve
    • Relevant expertise and interest is crowdsourced from the Imperial research community to help solve problems submitted to the CrowdSolve website, creating partners and developing projects
  • Imperial Business Partners (IBP)
    • IBP combines world-class research minds with business strategists and policy makers at the top of their game
  • Imperial College Advanced Hackspace
    • Hackspace helps you turn your project ideas into physical prototypes. Membership is free and provides you with access to a variety of workshops and labs around Imperial College, use of their equipment plus opportunities to collaborate with similarly-minded makers on campus
  • Imperial Consultants (ICON)
    • ICON is a university-owned consultancy company that provides practical and innovative solutions for external organisations by facilitating access to the expertise, facilities and equipment based at Imperial
    • Check out these case studies to see how ICON helps researchers to create direct impact from their research while providing effective and innovative solutions for clients
  • Imperial Innovations
    • Imperial Innovations is a technology commercialisation company that supports scientists and entrepreneurs in the commercialisation of their ideas through the licensing of intellectual property, by leading the formation of new companies, by recruiting high-calibre management teams and by providing investment and encouraging co-investment
  • Smarties
    • Smarties is a crowdsourcing platform that offers the opportunity to gain exposure to live business problems, build commercially valuable skills, earn consulting fees, and add lines to your CV

Other Resources

Deep Science Ventures creates thesis-driven venture building programs and synthesises knowledge, talent and capital into optimal scientific ventures. Current opportunities can be found on their website.