Opportunities grouped under professional development focus on skills and competencies to advance you in your career. Our flagship suite of residential courses addresses development for postdocs and fellows.

Professional Development

Residential Courses

The PFDC offers a suite of training courses designed to support your professional development from the day you start your postdoc until the day you move on. Whether you are just embarking on your first postdoc or you are an experienced postdoc thinking about your next step, we have a course that meets your specific needs, helping you to make the most of your current post and successfully plan your next step.

For all residential courses, accommodation expenses, including meals during the course, will be met by the Postdoc and Fellows Development Centre.

Resources at Imperial


Courses offered by People and Organisational Development 

Courses offered by the Library

Courses offered by the Education and Development Unit

Investigate how to become an Associate of the Higher Education Academy via the Imperial Star Framework

Technical skills

Other Resources at Imperial

Other Resources


  • LinkedIn Learning: As a member of Imperial you can access and use LinkedIn Learning, the online subscription library, free of charge, which includes:
    • How to use the latest version of software packages in a wide range of creative (Video, Web design, Animation, Audio and Music, Photography),
    • Business-related subjects (Education and e-Learning, Office, CAD, Business, Marketing)
  • Peer Review – The nuts and bolts
  • See also UK support for researchers under Useful Links