Trying to figure out how to balance research and a family? Struggling to cope with the demands of your postdoc or fellowship? Interested in learning to meditate? The resources below cover a wide range of topics on wellbeing and personal management.

Personal Development and Wellbeing

Resources at Imperial


Everyone at Imperial, including postdocs, is encouraged to have a Personal Review and Development Plan (PRDP) meeting each year.

Courses and resources offered through the Learning Development Centre

Resources available through the Health and Wellbeing website include information, advice support and self-help guides on numerous topics such as:

Mentoring at Imperial

  • Faculty  of Medicine

Information on Imperial’s family friendly policies includes:

  • College facilities (e.g. nursing rooms)
  • Flexible working
  • Parental leave
  • Support networks

The Equality website links to

The Evening Class programme run by the Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication offers languages at various levels, as well as classes in Creative Writing, Pleasures of Music, Music Technology and Film Appreciation.

External Resources

pebbles and leaves The Royal Society’s Parent Carer Scientist aims to encourage and inspire current and future talented scientists to succeed in science regardless of their commitments outside work