Trying to figure out how to balance research and a family? Struggling to cope with the demands of your postdoc or fellowship? Interested in learning to meditate? The resources below cover a wide range of topics on wellbeing and personal management.

Personal Development and Wellbeing

Resources at Imperial


Personal Development

  • PRDP - Everyone at Imperial, including postdocs, is encouraged to have a Personal Review and Development Plan (PRDP) meeting each year.
  • Mentoring at Imperial - Mentoring is a widely used development tool that has proved to have a beneficial impact on effectiveness, confidence and career advancement. More information on being a mentor or a mentee can be found on the College webpages. Mentoring opportunities in the Department of Medicine can be found on these College webpages.
  • The Evening Class programme - This programme run by the Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication offers languages at various levels, as well as classes in Creative Writing, Pleasures of Music, Music Technology and Film Appreciation.


Imperial’s health and wellbeing webpage - This College webpage includes a wealth of resources to help with mental health, resilience and stress, and also provides information on getting advice and support.

Wellbeing resources for researchers - The PFDC have curated a series of resources and created videos that contain theories, advice and suggested activities that are all related to resilience and wellbeing in different ways.

Wellbeing courses and events - Alongside wellbeing resources and services, the College and the PFDC host a range of courses and events focusing on health and wellbeing.

People you can reach out to webpage - If things are getting too much and you need to ask someone for help, there are a variety of people who are there to support you.

Chaplaincy - Health and wellbeing are key aspects of many different religious beliefs and practices. Wellbeing support from the Chaplaincy includes meditation, exploring silence, online support and more.

Meditation - Meditation can help manage stress and enable you to stay on top of your life and work and improve your wellbeing. Free meditation classes can be accessed at the College.

Supporting you and your family - Imperial's family-friendly benefits will help you to manage all aspects of children and family life and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Imperial recognise that family does not always inculde children, and we offer a range of support for carers.

External Resources

pebbles and leavesExternal resources webpage - There are a huge amount of resources external to the College that can help with your physical and mental wellbeing, including: apps, podcasts and online resources.