As a postdoc, you are a highly skilled individual. But what do postdocs do if they don’t become academics? What are your other career options and how do you get that next job?

As a postdoc, you have a unique and highly valued set of skills, which means that you have a huge amount to offer an employer and a wide range of opportunities to consider. Postdocs move on to all sorts of roles within and outside the higher education sector. Outside of higher education, you can have roles such as a Research Scientist, Data Analyst, Grant Manager within a funding body, Consultant, Medical/Scientific Writer or Project Manager in any sector!

If you choose not to pursue an academic career, the most common career destination for postdocs is other professional roles within higher education. Such roles include research policy and administration, knowledge transfer and commercialisation, public engagement and science communication, training and careers advice. Deciding not to be an academic might not mean leaving the university at all.

The Pathways for postdocs project aims to help you understand and highlight your transferable skills, learning how to evidence these outside the academic career path to make you competitive in your next career move.

This is achieved through skills development workshops, hearing from guest speakers who have made that transition from postdoc into another career, as well as a host of online resources.

The PFDC is here to support your career planning and help you make positive well-informed steps towards the career path you want to pursue, irrespective of your final decisions, or your reasons for making them. 

We are here to help you consider what the right career path is for you, support you to make yourself as competitive as possible for your chosen career path, to be proactive in your job search and to apply for and secure roles that you’re interested in.

These webpages provide you with suggestions, resources and tips for effective career planning.