Below are website links with information about different sectors and the roles within them:

  1. The Careers Group (University of London) has produced a detailed guide to Research Careers Outside Academia with information on various sectors, which includes links and vacancy sources.
  2. Prospects Job profiles offer a range of detailed information on hundreds of roles, including: responsibilities, salary, qualifications, skills, work experience, career prospects, related jobs and courses. (Please note that the Prospects website is tailored for graduate students, but you can still obtain a lot of information)
  3. LinkedIn: finding more about companies and their research culture can start on a broad website like LinkedIn, that now also includes salary and benefits in some advertised job toles.
  4. Glassdoor: a website where employers can leave ratings, salary details and comments about their employer.
  5. If looking for jobs outside the UK, there might be country-specific differences you should be aware of. Imperial’s Careers Service has information on working and job hunting abroad, and a link to the GoinGlobal website, which has country-specific guides.