The PFDC would like to extend a warm welcome to you and congratulate you on your fellowship. 

Imperial is a signatory of the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers and it is important to us to ensure that fellows make the best use of their allocated 10 days of professional development pro rata per year

The PFDC has a long and successful history of supporting fellows to move forward to faculty positions and helping them to recognise and shape their own approach to being a research leader. 

The development provision for Imperial fellows comprises:

Development provision for Fellows

Bespoke programmes:

You have access to all programmes designed specifically for fellows. This includes mock interviews, funders’ showcases and residential programmes, as well as courses covering training on consultancy and entrepreneurship, the management of research groups and projects, communicating science to wider audiences, and PhD supervision.

Leadership development:

  • Leadership coaching: To support the personalised development of good research leadership, you will be given 1:1 career support and you will be eligible to apply for individual leadership coaching. 
  • Resilient Leadership in Action: Get hands-on leadership experience in a safe environment and the opportunity to explore your unique leadership qualities. 

The Imperial Fellows' Leadership Network:

The network provides you with regular opportunities to join peers who are at the same career stage. Imperial Fellows come together as a group of emerging new leaders who want to lead well, to discuss and share knowledge, and to build allyship whilst navigating systems and meeting demands.