Hello! In October 2020, I joined the group as a PhD student studying under the supervision of Dr Thomas Ouldridge. Here I aim to use theoretical methods to understand polymer growth processes. I am currently working on using methods from probability, stochastic thermodynamics and graph theory to understand how kinetic proofreading mechanisms can fit into such systems. Outside of this I am interested in the intersection of Biology, Physics and Probability Theory and enjoy finding new probabilistic models/methods to try out.

Prior to joining the group, I graduated with a BSc in Theoretical Physics from Imperial in 2019, where my thesis, supervised by Professor Dimitri Vvedenski, examined non-equilibrium growth models. Here, I looked at modelling, simulating and solving a few classes of surface deposition models and their continuum limits. Following this I graduated from the MASt in Applied Mathematics from the University of Cambridge in 2020, where I enjoyed a more formal look at aspects of probability as well as studying traditional theoretical physics topics.

Outside of research I enjoy playing bridge, logic puzzles and cycling.