I am a postdoctoral research associate in the “Principles of Biomolecular Systems” group. I received an MSc in chemistry from Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati where I synthesized diacetyltetrols as activators of protein kinase c via multi-step organic synthesis. After that I moved to Ben-Gurion University, Israel to work with Prof. Gonen Ashkenasy as a Marie Curie ITN PhD student. During my PhD, I investigated emergent phenomena in peptide-based replication networks under non-equilibrium conditions. Following my PhD, I joined the research group of Prof. Christian Heinis at EPFL for a brief stint as a postdoctoral researcher to work towards the development of cyclic peptides as potential candidates for human coagulation factor XI inhibitors.

I have joined Dr. Ouldridge’s research group in 2020 to come back to my original research interest of molecular replication. Currently my main focus is to experimentally investigate various facets of persistent copying of far-from-equilibrium DNA-based systems.

When not in lab, I like cooking, reading, and clicking random pictures.