I graduated with a MPhys Theoretical Physics from the University of Sheffield in 2015, doing my final year dissertation creating an idealised model of the structure of murein sacculi in spherical bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureusI also worked on an analytical description of the self assembly of large structures of this type.
Previous to this I worked with Professor Gillian Gehring modelling the spin 1 triangular Ising model, using a novel flipping regime. I presented posters on this subject to Magnetism 2014 and the International Conference of Highly Frustrated Magnets.

I am currently working with Dr Thomas Ouldridge doing analytical and simulation work on the statistical mechanics of self assembly and copying. I presented a poster on this subject to  the Dynamics, thermodynamics and information processing in chemical networks workshop in Luxembourg (2017) and presented a talk at the CoSyDy meeting on non-equilibrium polymer dynamics.

A summary of the goals and methods of my project can be found here