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AB - Varying production regimes and loading conditions on equipment often result in multiple operating modes in process operations. The data recorded from such processes will typically be multimodal in nature leading to challenges in applying standard data-driven process monitoring approaches. Moreover, even if a monitoring approach is able to account for the variability present in a training set comprised of historical process data, in order to be robust and reliable the method will need to account for any new operating modes which might emerge during production. Therefore, it is desirable to have a monitoring algorithm that can both handle data multimodality in off-line training and, when implemented on-line, can actively update in order to incorporate new operating modes. This paper proposes a monitoring framework which combines an unsupervised clustering approach with a kernel-based Multivariate Statistical Process Monitoring (MSPM) algorithm. A monitoring model is trained off-line and is subsequently used to detect anomalies on-line. An anomaly might be indicative of either a developing fault or a change in the process to a new operating mode. In the latter case, the monitoring model can be updated to account for the new mode whilst still being able to detect faults under this framework. The advantages of the off-line training procedure relative to a standard kernel-based method are demonstrated via a numerical simulation. Additionally, the monitoring performance in the presence of faults and the capability of updating the model in the presence of new operating modes is demonstrated using a benchmark data set from an experimental pilot plant.
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