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AB - This paper presents a method to detect transientdisturbances in a multivariate context, and an extension of thatmethod to handle multirate systems. Both methods are basedon a time series analysis technique known as nearest neighbors,and on multivariate statistics implemented as a singular valuedecomposition. The motivation for these developments is thatthere is an increasing industrial requirement for the analysisof data sets comprising measurements from industrial processestogether with their associated electrical and mechanicalequipment. These systems are increasingly affected by transientdisturbances, and their measurements are commonly sampledat different rates. This paper demonstrates superior resultswith the multivariate method in comparison with the univariateapproach, and with the multirate method in comparison toa unirate method, for which the fast-sampled measurementshad to be downsampled. The method is demonstrated onexperimental and industrial case studies.
AU - Cecílio,IM
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TI - Multivariate Detection of Transient Disturbances for Uni- and Multirate Systems
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