Welcome to the Pimlico Connection.

The Pimlico Connection is the school and community based Student Tutoring scheme of Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine.

We hope to have a new report on-line in the autumn of 2002. In the meantime you can read about our scheme in past reports from 1997-2000.


Student Tutoring - Pimlico Connection Style

  • Students volunteer to act as teachers' assistants in local secondary and primary schools once a week between the end of October and the end of March. Tutoring normally takes place on a Wednesday afternoon but on a growing number of occasions students may tutor regularly at other times during the week (depending on their timetable here at Imperial) or they might be placed short term for a specific placement)

  • Assistance is provided mainly for science, maths, IT, design technology classes. However, assistance can also be requested for modern languages and literacy. The volunteer receives a handbook which advertises the placements on offer in each school, and are required to attend a one hour briefing before being allowed to assist in a school. The onus is on the school to ensure that placements are well considered and the initial visit of the volunteer should be used to ensure that all parties are happy with what is being proposed. The volunteer remains under the supervision of the teacher at all times. As a College of science and technology we are keen to encourage the use of volunteers to support your more able students, but not exclusively so. Generally student tutors are placed into a subject area they are knowledgeable in. However teachers have found volunteers equally useful whilst teaching a subject the volunteer may not have studied since school. The scheme is also keen for you to involve your volunteers in organised after-school clubs, such as homework clubs and science clubs.

  • Tutors are motivated volunteers who gain immeasurably from the experience and pound for pound give it all back in the classroom. A volunteer is a credible person who wants to help pupils develop the learning skills. No academic credit is given for taking part in the scheme. They are volunteering their free time.

  • Tutors can add an extra dimension to lessons, provide fresh ideas and up-to-date knowledge. They can help increase the amount of positive interaction within the classroom and help motivate pupils of all abilities and ages and raise their aspirations. They can help encourage and communicate the importance of higher and further education. Remember the volunteer is present to help pupils discover how to learn not just to simply provide the answers. For maximum impact teachers need to think of imaginative ways to make use of their tutor or tutors.

  • The scheme attracts an even balance of male and female students who reflect the international and ethnic diversity of Imperial College. Volunteers are not trainee teachers. However, some may be interested in pursuing teaching as a career.

  • At the very least tutors provide an extra pair of hands, although the scheme hopes that with the right volunteer that teachers will go that one or two steps further! A volunteer who has a great experience often continues with the scheme or gets involved in other activities. Often volunteers take their enthusiasm into the companies and organizations for whom they go onto work for.

The scheme operates for the benefit of state schools in the London Boroughs of Kensington & Chelsea, Westminster, Wandsworth and Lambeth, but due to traveling times for students to get to and from schools our current links are predominantly in Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster. Schools in Hammersmith and Fulham and local FE College's are also welcome to approach the scheme. Schools located outside these boroughs who are interested in hosting tutors should contact Community Service Volunteers or their nearest university or institute of higher education.

Students of Imperial College who are interested in volunteering should email pimlico@ic.ac.uk. Volunteers make a commitment to act as unpaid teachers' assistants between November and March. All volunteers must attend a briefing session held at Imperial College in October.

Students at other universities should contact their schools liaison office or Students Union for advice.

The Pimlico Connection is an activity of the Schools Liaison Office at Imperial College. You can email us at pimlico@ic.ac.uk. For information on other Imperial College and SETPOINT schools liaison activities, including widening participation activities, please email setpoint@ic.ac.uk

1999/00 Annual Report
1998/99 Annual report

1997/98 Annual report