A Word from the New Chair

By Zeenab Razak
(An ex-pupil of Northwestminster Community School, now studying for a Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering.)

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The students who I have met during my time tutoring all say what a fulfiling experience the Pimlico Connection offers, whether it be a challenge or mere fun! I certainly had a great time at Pimlico School, where I have now been tutoring for two years. With the Pimlico Connection now entering its 24th year, the next bunch of motivated volunteers who tread the classroom boards will, I’m sure, be just as enthusiastic as the first students who set foot in Pimlico School in 1975. Consequently, I’m looking forward to guiding PimSoc through the next year.

So what does PimSoc do? PimSoc headed by its Committee Chair, this year it was Charlie Strick, assists the scheme co-ordinator in the management of the scheme and in providing opportunities for tutors to socialise. The Committee works with the scheme co-ordinator to provide suitable preparation for tutors and has given general input, much of a practical nature to the associated events which now form part of the Pimlico Connection calendar. As a result, PimSoc has become a valuable resource of motivated students to assist with the events which you can read about on pages 12-13 as well as other Schools Liaison events, such as GETSET, Masterclasses, WISE and the College Open Day.

As for our social events this is what we did!

October half-term Talk/Buffet Our annual lecture Ilya Eigenbrot (Royal Institution) and Ben Crystal (New Scientist) gave a very entertaining mock science demonstration lecture to show why they do such talks and the problems that can occur.
December Xmas Pub-Outing Much enjoyment had as the Pimlico Connection munched mince pies and hit the streets of west London.
January Quiz Night This proved such a good way to bring tutors together that we will be using a similar event as part of the placement process next year.
March End of Tutoring Dinner Once again we descended on the Cumberland Hotel for their not to be missed "eat as much as you like" buffet. The occasion was the perfect opportunity to unwind after a successful year’s tutoring.

Thanks to Charlie, the rest of the Committee and Adrian for their time and effort.

Here’s looking forward to another year of success and fun!!!