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Helen Moglestue and students

"When I was asked to write an article for this year's Annual Report, the first thing that struck me was that the Pimlico Connection has always provided me with enjoyable and fulfilling Wednesday afternoons.

As a Fresher I found myself at St Charles Primary School with what would become my class of beloved four and five year olds. Here the principles of freezing and melting suddenly became more exciting. Here we made (and ate!) ice lollies and chocolate rise crispies to explain scientific observations.

The following year I tutored with a Year 10 group at Pimlico School. Again it was thoroughly enjoyable although the secondary school environment proved more challenging. I no longer needed to cope with tripping up on Lego bricks. Instead I had to combat a general lack of enthusiasm for science. By bringing an extra dimension to the classroom, student tutors can help raise the amount of positive interaction.
We can and do help to motivate students, especially if we are confident and respect the professional approach of the teacher

After spending the next year working on a placement with Kodak, I returned to the Pimlico Connection with renewed enthusiasm.

Greycoat Hospital Girls School provided another challenging environment. While pupils were less rowdy, teachers still has a tough time trying to instil an interest in science. Students such as myself are a resource waiting to be tapped, whether it be in science, maths or technology. Inspiring students is the aim and we can often make refreshing additions to the classroom.

Here's where student tutors, such as myself are invaluable in my opinion. We can allow more contact time during the lessons while during practicals we can add expertise from our own subjects. Student tutors also benefit from being from the same peer group as many school students, and by acting as positive role models they can arouse interest in future careers, post-school education and in what it is like to be at University.

All in all, I have had a tremendous four years with the Pimlico Connection. As well as helping out on the committee as social secretary I have also had fun at the Open Day, the training sessions and the various schools liaison activities I have volunteered for such as WISE and CREST Masterclasses. I have even been to Israel to visit their national mentoring scheme.

If it wasn't for my degree having to come to an end, I'd be signing up for more tutoring next year!"

by Helen Moglestue
Chemistry 1994/98
picture above.... left Pimlico School, right St Charles Primary

The Building of D.C. Motors: The students found it absorbing and each one tried their best to produce a finished wprking motor. The Physics behind the motor effect was also explained and some students were able to grasp the three dimensions needed for the Physics concepts.

Irving Dindoyal, Northwestminster Community School