IC Reporter ISSUE 19 (23 JANUARY - 5 FEBRUARY 1996) Staff Newspaper of Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine

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For the past 17 years it has been Dr Mark Pallen's dream to compete in University Challenge, and on 6 January, he led his Imperial College team to a comfortable victory over competitors St Andrews.

'As our first match it was tough, and all of us were very nervous,' Mark recalled. 'When it came to pushing the buzzer, it took us most of the first half to get into the swing of things - initially St Andrews were quicker off the mark than we were. In the end though, we came through well'.

The final score of 205 - 125 reflected the team's growing confidence, and while the arts questions posed something of a problem, their specialist knowledge soon took them into the lead. 'We were hopeless at the arts questions, especially when it came to identifying paintings, but in other areas, mostly biology and computing, we had little trouble coming up with the answers'.

Asked whether the team had enjoyed the match, Mark replied, 'It was fun, but pretty stressful. At one point we thought we might not win, but the thought of looking like fools certainly improved our buzzer technique!'

The next round of University Challenge will see Imperial face Lancaster University on 13 March.

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