IC Reporter ISSUE 19 (23 JANUARY - 5 FEBRUARY 1996) Staff Newspaper of Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine

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The Imperial College Day Nursery is launching a multicultural awareness project (MAP) this year.

The Nursery has always welcomed children and parents from a wide range of cultural backgrounds and has benefited from the richness and diversity this brings. The project will concentrate on the aspects of culture children can most easily relate to - art and design, music, food and costume.

The Nursery was founded in 1970 and has been expanding ever since. It now offers a variety of childcare activities. Its main concern is still the full- and part-time care for the under fives, but other services available include emergency cover, a drop-in play scheme, after school club and school holiday play schemes.

The Nursery would like to involve other members of the College community in the project. For further information and to find out how you can help, please contact Sue Thornett, 45120 or Liz Fairley, 45121.

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