IC Reporter ISSUE 19 (23 JANUARY - 5 FEBRUARY 1996) Staff Newspaper of Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine

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Betty Caplan, coordinator of the student tutoring scheme, Pimlico Connection, and part-time teacher at Imperial, is leaving at the end of January to do VSO in Zambia for two years.

Betty will be teaching in a large school in Chipata, a rural area near the border with Malawi. 'Part of the reason for my decision to do VSO has been the inspiration of the student volunteers in the Pimlico Connection,' she explained. 'The students, both undergraduates and postgraduates from all departments, give up their Wednesday afternoons between October and February to help out with maths and science in local primary and secondary schools. They volunteer purely for the love of it - no credit or payment of any kind is given.'

The Pimlico Connection was started by Dr Sinclair Goodlad, head of Humanities, 21 years ago. It was the first scheme of its kind in the UK.

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