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Library changes

All IC libraries will be changing to a single UNICORN computerised system next month. This will replace the existing Libertas system and the Unicorn systems presently used at four of the medical campuses.

Initial benefits will include a catalogue containing holdings of all IC libraries and a new web interface.

Although the implementation has been planned since early spring, the quieter time of December was chosen in preference to the beginning of the new session when students are registered and shown the wide range of library services.

The transition is expected to run smoothly and be in place for the new century.

UNICORN will be accessible from the Library Homepage:

Inter-library loans
The library has responded to requests from users to harmonise the charges for inter-library loan services. Agreement has been reached to extend the South Kensington scheme to the medical campuses. Users are asked to pay only half of the cost of the British Library voucher, 2.50 for each request, which they may recover from their division or research group.

Traditionally, medical libraries charged users the full cost of the voucher,while the central library service was provided 'free'. Departments reimburse the library for half of the voucher's cost and can also set limits on overall expenditure or the number of requests submitted by a user.

The inter-site document delivery service remains the same, 1 for each request, to cover photocopying costs.

Sunday opening
Sunday opening of the central library is restricted to College and Science Museum staff and students. About 500 visits were made to the library each Sunday during the summer term. Users are reminded that the library is now closed by a new public address system in contrast to the ringing of a bell which was carried around in a 19th century fashion by the library attendants.

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