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  Issue 96, 3 July 2000
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Top accolades reflect high standard of teaching

Teaching development grants
Eleven proposals have won funding to introduce and evaluate innovations in teaching and learning. The proposals have been funded under the latest annual competition for teaching development grants. The scheme, chaired by the pro rector for educational quality and now coordinated by the Imperial College Centre for Educational Development, has run for three years and has made a significant contribution to educational development at the College. It provides approximately 50,000 per annum, up to 5,000 per project, for developments in teaching and learning.

This year's winners include: Dr Rifat Atun and Dr Martin Rhodes: management school and division of primary health care and general practice, ICSM, for translating evidence based medicine (EBM) to effective health care delivery;

Dr Arun Basu: T H Huxley School, for technology implementation in learning and teaching (TILT); Dr Mitch Blair: paediatrics,

Northwick Park Hospital, for video taping OSCEs: a tool to measure inter-rater reliability and train future examiners;

Dr Caroline Brown, Dr Timothy Hughes and Professor Elena Garralda: neuroscience and psychological medicine, for development of an integrated teaching package in child and adolescent psychiatry for medical undergraduates at Imperial; Dr Lesley Cohen, Professor Tony Bell, Dr Paul French, Dr Chris Guy, Professor Dimitri Vvedensky, Professor Janet Drew, Dr Jonathan Halliwell: physics, for learning physics in context - LEAP2000;

Dr Ciaran Driver: management school, for a capacity expansion teaching game;

Dr Nicholas Flores: academic cardiology unit, ICSM, for development of a modular, integrated learning programme focusing on diagnostic techniques and methodologies underlying clinical research in cardiovascular disease;

Dr Michael McGarvey: medicine, ICSM, for development of an intranet for the MSc course in the molecular biology and pathology of viruses;

Dr Elizabeth Muir, Dr Marilyn Plant, Dr Sue Thurlow: primary care and population health sciences, ICSM, for teaching with patients;

Dr Debra Nestel and Dr Jane Kidd: neuroscience and psychological medicine, ICSM, for evaluating the effectiveness of peer tutoring in communication skills for undergraduate medical students; Dr Henry Rzepa: chemistry, for video.

Teaching excellence awards
On 19 May 2000, a panel met to consider nominations for the College's Awards for Excellence in Teaching and Teaching Fellowship schemes. It was decided that the maximum number of 20 Awards for Excellence should be made, reflecting the high standard of teaching that was perceived in all parts of the College. Framed certificates will be presented to award winners in the autumn term.

The title of Teaching Fellow was awarded to Dr John Laycock of the division of neuroscience and psychological medicine. Dr Paul Ewing of the department of mechanical engineering, was made Teaching Fellow for Innovation, and was also put forward for the newly established National Teaching Fellowship Scheme, funded by HEFCE and administered through the ILT, for the reward of excellence in learning and teaching in higher education.

The Teaching Fellows will be presented at Commemoration Day. The College's awards are now made on a biennial basis. The next nominations will be in the spring term of 2002.

Awards for Excellence in Teaching go to:

Dr Esat Alpay (chemical engineering); Dr Julian Bommer (civil and environmental engineering); Dr Tony Cass (biochemistry); Dr Michael Coppins (physics); Ms Giskin Day (humanities); Professor Anne Dell (biochemistry); Dr Paul Ewing (mechanical engineering); Dr Andrew George (medicine); Professor John Gibbon (mathematics); Dr Kleoniki Gounaris (biochemistry); Dr Robin Grimes (materials); Dr Matt Jones (surgery, anaesthetics and intensive care); Dr John Laycock (neuroscience and psychological medicine); Dr Simon Leather (biology); Dr Jeremy Levy (medicine); Dr David Lloyd Smith (civil and environmental engineering); Dr Alcina Mendes-Tatsis (chemical engineering); Mr Paraskevas Paraskeva (surgery, anaesthetics and intensive care); Professor Robert Spence (electrical and electronic engineering); Dr Diana Watt (neuroscience and psychological medicine).

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