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  Issue 97, 4 October 2000
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King of Sweden awards Crafoord Prize to IC researchers

RESEARCHERS, Professors Ravinder Maini and Marc Feldmann of the Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology Division at Imperial join College laureates, Professor Sir Robert May of the department of biology and Professor Simon Donaldson of the department of mathematics as the latest winners of the Crafoord Prize.

Both were presented with a gold medal and $250,000 each last month from the King of Sweden at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences in Stockholm. For the first time since the Prize was instituted in 1982, the Royal Academy has awarded the prize in the field of polyarthritis.

The award recognised work leading to new treatment in rheumatoid arthritis. Both had identified that when TNF (tumour necrosis factor), a therapeutic target, was blocked with anti-TNF antibodies, a large majority of patients experienced relief from joint inflammation, and joint destruction could also be delayed in sufferers.

"The Prize is a great honour for Marc and myself," said Professor Maini. "It is both pleasing and intimidating to be in the company of distinguished previous laureates from the UK such as Sir Fred Hoyle, who described the 'big bang' theory of the creation of the universe."

Professor Feldmann added: "The recognition by our peers and the prestige that the Prize brings is particularly gratifying. We've been working on auto-immunity since 1983 and this tells us that we haven't been wasting our time!"

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