Download the final programme of the PEPR Symposium: PEPR-Symposium-2023-Programme

Download the book of abstracts: PEPR-Symposium-2023-BookOfAbstracts


Programme of the symposium

12 June

Electron spins in biology: from isolated proteins to membranes and cells


Prof. Enrica Bordignon
, University of Geneva, Switzerland 
Dr George Cutsail III, Max Planck Institute for Chemical Energy Conversion, Germany


Session 1: EPR in the era of cryo-EM
Chair: Dr Maxie Roessler
Discussion panel: Prof. Enrica Bordignon, Dr Doryen Bubeck, Dr Alberto Collauto, Dr Konstantinos BeisDr Rivka Isaacson (moderator)

Session 2: Using EPR to investigate biological membranes
Chair: Dr Jana Eisermann
Discussion panel: Dr Jana Eisermann, Prof. Oscar Ces, Dr Nazila Kamaly, Prof. Rob Law, Prof. Marina Kuimova (moderator)

Session 3: Exploiting intrinsic paramagnets
Chair: Dr Blaise Geoghegan
Discussion panel: Dr George Cutsail III, Dr Guy Hanke, Dr Kourosh EbrahimiDr Maxie Roessler (moderator)


Supported by the ICB

13 June

Electrons spins in materials: from catalysis and energy applications to quantum phenomena


Prof. Mario Chiesa
, University of Turin, Italy
Dr Sabine Richert, University of Freiburg, Germany


Session 1: EPR in catalysis
Chair: Dr Maxie Roessler
Discussion panel: Prof. Mario Chiesa, Prof. Mark Crimmin, Prof Nick Long, Dr Mark ChadwickDr Maxie Roessler (moderator)

Session 2: EPR in energy research
Chair: Prof. Eric McInnes
Discussion panel: Prof. Eric McInnes, Dr Chun Ann Huang, Prof. Stephen SkinnerProf. Anthony Kucernak (moderator)

Session 3: EPR to investigate light-driven phenomena
Chair: Dr Alberto Collauto
Discussion panel: Dr Sabine Richert, Prof. Neil Alford, Prof. John Morton, Prof Sandrine Heutz (moderator)


Supported by the LCN