Staff at QuEST Imperial

The Principal Invesigators involved in quantum research at QuEST Imperial (in alphabetical order): 

Neil Alford Department of Materials

Ryan Barnett Deparment of Mathematics

Mike Bearpark Department of Chemistry

Mario Berta Department of Computing

Jonathan Breeze Department of Materials

Alex Clark Department of Physics

Bruno Clerckx Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Lesley Cohen Department of Physics

Malcom Connolly Deparment of Physics

Joe Cotter Department of Physics

Mike Damzen Department of Physics

Fay Dowker Department of Physics

Zahid Durrani Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Patrick Gill Department of Physics Visiting Professor at Imperial College, and NPL Science Fellow

Eva-Maria Graefe Department of Mathematics

Peter Haynes Department of Materials

Ortwin Hess Department of Physics

Sandrine Heutz Department of Materials

Edward Hinds Department of Physics

Jose Jimenez Zarco Department of Life Sciences

Myungshik Kim Department of Physics

Norbert Klein Department of Materials

David Klug Department of Chemistry

Sir Peter Knight Department of Physics

Johannes Knolle Department of Physics

Steven Kolthammer Department of Physics

Anthony Kucernak Department of Chemistry

Derek Lee Department of Physics

Po-Heng Lee, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering 

Cong Ling Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Nicholas Long Department of Chemistry

Stefan Maier Department of Physics

Florian Mintert Department of Physics

Rob Nyman Department of Physics

Rupert Oulton Department of Physics

Mark Oxborrow Department of Materials

Sir John Pendry Department of Physics

Chris Phillips Department of Physics

Tom Pike Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Terry Rudolph Department of Physics

Riccardo Sapienza Department of Physics

Ben Sauer Department of Physics

Mike Tarbutt Department of Physics

Roy Taylor Department of Physics

Richard Thompson Department of Physics

Michael Vanner Department of Physics

Ian Walmsley FRS Provost, Chair in Experimental Physics