The EPSRC funded Quantum Systems Engineering Skills & Training Hub at Imperial College London offers research training for engineers and scientists aspiring to follow careers in emerging quantum technology industries.

We offer a unique training and learning experience for scientists and engineers wishing to pursue a career in the emerging field of quantum engineering and science.  We offer a 1 + 3 PhD training programme in Quantum Engineering which commences with a 1 year MSc followed by a 3 year doctoral research programme where students undertake highly specialised research in a number of areas related to quantum science and technology. 

The centre draws heavily from a diverse selection of world leading engineers & scientists pushing their research into the quantum domain. Using challenge-based learning and industry placements, it will produce graduates with the capacity to grow the UK’s QT industry through start-ups and innovation.

Our affiliated Research Groups & Departments include Quantum Optics & Laser Science, Photonics, Experimental Solid State Physics, Materials, Electrical Engineering, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Laing O’Rourke Centre for Systems Engineering & Innovation, Dyson School of Design Engineering.

Centre Aims

The aim of the Centre is to get engineers and applied scientists into quantum technology so that they can explore novel and different ideas. In order to provide an environment where interdisciplinary efforts maximise their impact, we will offer multilevel training aimed at bridging the gap between quantum science and the engineering disciplines. A comprehensive programme of postgraduate training will cover the fundamentals of systems engineering, quantum communication and computation, quantum metrology, imaging and sensing, as well as helping students to develop their skills in innovation, entrepreneurship, and design through collaborations with industry partners and national quantum technology (QT) hubs.

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