HEMP 2014 Programme


21st July 2014

9:50am Ned Ekins-Daukes Opening
10:00am Jeffrey Gordon Solar rectifying antenna power conversion
10:30am Nic Hylton Plasmonic solar cells: the trade-off between scattering enhancements and parasitic losses
11:30am Erik Garnett
S olar Highways: towards high-efficiency, low-cost solar cells&nbs p;
GaAsP Nanowires and Nanowire Devices grown on Silicon Substrates
12:30pm   Lu nch< /em>
1:30pm Posters
2:30pm Benedikt Bläsi Large area fabrication of defined metalnanoparticle arrays
3:00pm Fiona Beck Plasmonic structures for ultra-thin and solution processed solar cells
3:30pm   Coffee
4:00pm Jose Ripalda Towards solar cells without optical losses
4:30pm Masakazu Sugiyama Light-trapping quantum well solar cell by layer transfer and backside scattering structures
5:00pm   Lab tours


22nd July 2014

09:30am Louise Hirst Hot-carrier solar cell device design and the role of E-field enhancement
10:00pm Jean-François Guillemoles Imaging Hot carrier solar cell operation
10:30am   Coffee
11:00am Takashi Kita Carrier dynamics and two-step photon absorption in InAs/GaAs quantum dot intermediate band solar cells
11:30pm Stephano Sanguinetti
Quantum Dot Solar Cells by Droplet Epitaxy
12:00pm Urs Aeberhard Radiative subband transitions in quantum photovoltaic device architectures
12:30pm   Lunch
13:30pm   Posters
2:30pm David Binks Enhancing multiple exciton generation in colloidal quantum dots
3:00pm Stanko Tomic Origin of large bi-exciton binding energy in colloidal core/shell Qds for MEG solar cell applications
3:30pm   Coffee
4:00pm Yoshitaka Okada Self-organized QDs for intermediate-band solar cells
4:30pm Chris Bailey InP-lattice-matched quantum wells for photovoltaic energy conversion
5.00pm   Closing remarks