Hub Staff and Industry Partners

Members of the Quantum Systems Engineering Skills & Training Hub and their key functions are listed here:


Professor Myungshik Kim Faculty of Natural Sciences, Department of Physics (Quantum Theory)

Research Coordinator

Dr Michael Tarbutt Cohort 1 Mentor, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Department of Physics (Quantum coherence and ultra-cold molecules)

Curriculum & Teaching Liasons

Dr Mark Oxborrow Cohort 2 Mentor, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Materials (Masers)
Dr Bruno Clerckx Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Wireless! communication)

External Partnerships

Professor Neil Alford Central Faculty, Office of the Provost  (Masers)

The following academic staff are also involved in the hub, and we are expecting the numbers to grow:

Sir Peter Knight FRS: Theoretical quantum optics
Professor Ed Hinds FRS: Cold quantum matter and quantum optics
Dr Rob Nyman: Photonic Bose-Einstein condensation
Professor Patrick Gill: Frequency standards and metrology
Dr David Jennings: Quantum thermodynamics and quantum information
Professor Stefan Maier: Plasmonics
Dr Rupert Oulton: Quantum Plasmonics
Professor Ben Sauer: Quantum measurement
Professor Richard Thompson: Ion trapping
Dr Florian Mintert: Quantum optics and information theory
Dr Zahid Durrani: Single electron devices
Professor David Fisk FREng: Systems engineering
Professor Washington Ochieng FREng: Navigation and positioning
Dr Wolfgang Schuster: Positioning technology
Dr Tim Albrecht: Single-molecule charge transport
Professor Anthony Kucernak: Energy transport
Professor Peter Childs: Design engineering
Professor Norbert Klein: Electromagnetic material characterisation and sensor applications
Dr Cong Ling: Coding theory
Professor Erol Gelenbe: Performance, reliability and security of communication networks
Dr Sandrine Heutz: Molecular electronics
Professor Roy Taylor: Optical fibre based sources and instrumentation
Professor Michael Damzen: Laser and photonics technology
Professor Peter Haynes: Theory and simulation of materials
Dr Mario Berta: Quantum cryptography and quantum information theory 


Judith Baylis
Marcia Salviato